Common Allergy Triggers in Your Levelland, TX Home

Common allergy triggers can set off your body’s response and leave you struggling with symptoms, such as a runny nose or trouble breathing. Many of these allergens are substances you and your family bring inside your Levelland, TX, home. Learning about common allergy triggers will help you understand what to do about them.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is a common allergen that anyone can bring inside. Even if you don’t have a pet, simply being in a room with animals can lead to the skin they shed sticking to your clothing and shoes. You can also bring pet hair inside after playing with an animal or spending time with another person’s pet.

Allergy-Triggering Insects

No one wants to see insects running around their homes. Those with allergies often react to the waste and saliva that bugs, such as cockroaches, leave behind. What’s the best course of action? Weekly dusting and vacuuming as much as possible.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are another allergy trigger, but they’re hard to see because they are invisible to the naked eye. Not only do their droppings trigger a response, but you may have a reaction as the mites die and break down. Consider investing in special cases for your pillow and mattress that block dust mites.

Plant Pollen

During the warmer seasons, those with allergies often have reactions caused by exposure to plant pollen. The pollen can linger in the air and stick to your clothing, making your reaction worse. You can even pick it up as you walk to your car on your way to work or school.

Coping with Allergy Triggers

While allergy medications can help, they’re not the only course of action to take. Our team can help you avoid those triggers and keep your home free of common allergens. Call Integra Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to see how an air purifier or other indoor air quality solution makes for a healthier home.

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